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Volunteer Information

Important Notice for Volunteers

Every month the volunteer time spent in each school is compiled and recorded according to various service categories. These hourly totals:

  • Allow for an assessment of the types of services rendered by volunteers;
  • Serve as an indicator of the extent of community involvement and support;
  • Provide a factual basis for the assessment of certain aspects of the program’s performance and success;
  • Also to provide data which is important in maintaining the financial support of contributors

“Getting credit” for volunteer time is not our objective; determining the extent of overall voluntary involvement in our schools regardless of who recruited the volunteer, whom the volunteer serves, what the volunteer does or why he/she does it is important to all of us.

Volunteers are protected by the Salt Lake City School District General Comprehensive Liability policy during the time they are working at school.  The volunteer sign-in sheet can validate the fact that the volunteer is giving service to the school in the event an accident occurs.

It is also a requirement of the State Office of Education “Risk Management” Policy that volunteer names and hours be kept.

Most grants given to individual schools, including centennial schools, require that you show the extent of volunteer/partnership involvement.


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