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  • School Fee Information
  • Student absence procedures- For illness, extended absences, etc.

    1. Every day your child is absent, parents should call the school’s absence line (801-481-4819) to report your student’s absence. Please send a note with your student when they return to school. Student’s absence is recorded as an “excused” absence.
    2. In the event the office is not made aware of an absence, the absence is entered as “unexcused.” The automated attendance system will place a call to parents to notify them of the “unexcused” absence.
    3. After three consecutive days of unexcused absences, your child is considered truant.
    4. Extended absences for illness will need a doctor’s note. Also an extended absence will need to be addressed with the teacher for the purpose of school work makeup.
    5. If your student has more than eight excused absences, the principal may require a doctor’s note for additional absences.
    6. Extended absences of four days or less that are not due to illness should be reported to the office prior to the first day of the absence.
    7. Extended absences of five or more days will require principal permission. Please stop by the office to pick up a Request for Excused Absences During Educational Time form. This form must be completed and turned in to the principal a minimum of one week prior to the beginning absence date.


  • Student late procedures

    If your student is late to school, please make sure your student stops by the office to check in and get a late slip to take to their teacher. If a student has been marked absent by the teacher and does not stop by the office for a late slip, they will be shown as “unexcused absent” for the day.


  • Picking up student early from school procedures

    Please stop by the office with your photo I.D to sign out your student. The office staff will call your student’s classroom and have your student sent to the office to meet you.


  • Withdrawing A Student From School

    Parents need to inform the office if you will be withdrawing your student from school.  The office will give your student’s teacher a Student Withdrawal Form which your student will take to the library, cafeteria, music teachers, etc. to make sure books have been turned in, cafeteria fees cleared, musical instruments returned, etc.


  • Emerson School Parent, Student and School Compact


    English / Spanish
  • Student Medication

    Please be aware that teachers are not allowed to administer any medication.  Medication can be administered from the school office under the following conditions for students who need to take any kind of medication:

    1. Student must have written authorization from a parent/guardian.
    2. Student must have written authorization from student’s physician.
    3. Medication must be delivered to the office in the original pharmacy container with student’s name, medication and dosage on the label.

    Forms are available in the office.


  • School Rules

    Emerson’s Code of Conduct

    The ME in Emerson!

    I will…                                    I will...

    be respectful                          listen,

    be responsible &                    learn,

    be safe!                                 and care!


    Emerson Chant

    North, South, East, West,

    Emerson Eagles are the best!

    Think, Learn, Care...Yes!

    That’s the way to be our best!


  • Dress Code


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  • Injury and Illness Policy


    A school staff member who is trained in basic first aid will manage illness or injury to a student while at school. Minor injuries will be given first aid in the school. If possible, the student will return to class when indicated. The office staff will assist the student with a telephone call to the parent if necessary. Parents will be notified with a telephone call in cases of illness or more serious injuries. If the medical situation is an emergency, the school staff will call 9-1-1.

    It is very important that the emergency contacts on your registration card are kept up-to-date, including telephone numbers and names of family and friends that would be available to pick up your student in the event the parent or guardian is not available.


  • Emergency Plan


  • School Closure, Delayed Start or Early Release

    Click here for School Closure, Delayed Start or Early Release Guidelines


  • School Parking and Traffic Flow Guidelines
  • School Supervision

    Adult supervision is available in the cafeteria from 7:30-8:00 am, during recess, and during lunch.  For the safety of your students, please do not drop students off at school prior to 7:30 am as no adult supervision is available.


  • Electronic and Personal Items

    Cell Phones, MP3 players, iPods and similar items, matches, playthings (skateboards, balls, bats, etc.),knives or weapons of any kind should not be brought to school.  However, in case where a parent deems it necessary for their child to have a phone for after school contact, parents must sign a contract/liability waiver.  Phones must be turned off and kept in lockers during school hours.  Cell phones will be confiscated if in violation and will have to be picked up by a parent.  Toys, video games, radios and recorders, cameras, money and pets are not to be brought to school unless requested by a teacher, or for a special activity.


  • Kindergarten Placement Guidelines

    Full Day Kindergarten

    A state wide K-3 Achievement goal is for all third graders to be reading at or above grade level. Through the K-3 Reading Achievement funds, the district provides an additional half day teacher to allow full day kindergarten at no charge to parents. In addition, they provide professional development for all kindergarten teachers, and additional materials to support kindergarten instruction.

    The main objective of the Emerson Elementary full day kindergarten is to meet the needs of all our students, including those in greatest need of additional instructional time to attain grade level reading ability, in positive and productive, balanced learning environments.
    Making a request for the full day program does not guarantee placement in that class.
    In an effort to facilitate our goal, we have established the following guidelines:

    After kindergarten orientation and registration, every new kindergarten child will be
    screened by the school screening team in the spring.  After the screening is complete, the kindergarten children will be grouped according to skills in place, based on the information gathered. Taking the screening data into account, parent requests, and teacher evaluation, a placement committee will place students into classes. The committee will create a balanced class of children, selecting students based on gender, academic ability, and special needs.


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