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School Community Council (SCC)

School Community Council

The School Community council is responsible to evaluate their schools greatest academic need and create the School Improvement Plan to determine the use of the LAND Trust monies awarded to their school. Parents, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to attend and join the council, and are encouraged to participate in all meetings throughout the school year.

School Community Council Meetings

We invite you to attend the Emerson Elementary SCC meetings to learn about our school’s greatest academic needs, our School Improvement Plan, and how to best use our LAND Trust funds. You have a voice! Together we can make a positive difference in the education of our children!


We will meet every second Wednesday of the Month

2020-21 Emerson SCC Voting Members

SCC Member Name




Leah Jaramillo 801-556-7455 Chair (Parent)

John Davis 408-329-8174 Vice Chair (Parent)
April Reynolds 801-481-4819 Principal/Director
Dianne Duncan   School Employee
Mary Lou Oland-Wong   School Employee
Janna Finerfrock   School Employee
Tisha Eggleston   School Employee
Allison Nicholson 801-518-5115 School Employee
Jared Pela 801-336-8824 Parent
Trisha Reynolds   Parent
Ashley Dunaway   Parent
Traci Wrathall   Parent
Jojo Liu   Parent
Mindy Cook   Parent/District Employee

School Community Council Meetings